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Energy Management Service Sheet Energy Management Service Sheet (1315 KB)
Energy Management Service Sheet

Energy Management

Energy Management monitors, predicts and ultimately reduces energy consumption resulting in cost savings, and increased asset valuation.

McCaine’s Energy Management Services

McCaine addresses corporate business needs by managing environmental influences and expectations.  McCaine’s quality control procedures ensure that the solutions we provide deliver maximum tenant comfort and superior reliability. Services include:

  1. Annual maintenance
  2. Rapid break-fix services
  3. Preventative maintenance

Implementation Approach

We use a process known as the Total Energy Environmental Management (TEEM) to assist corporate clients in collecting key indicators about their operations and financials. The six-step process includes:

  1. Identifying the challenges and business imperatives
  2. Recognizing misalignment between processes and business imperatives
  3. Identifying priorities
  4. Realignment of business processes through the development of KPIs, scorecards and analysis of data
  5. Reviewing and proposing possibilities and solutions
  6. Developing the strategic plan

System Value

  1. We spend the time to understand your business and your specific energy-management goals
  2. We become part of the team, bringing experience to maximize the value of our offering
  3. We build project-specific standards, schedules, quality control, and reporting based on your requirements and budget

We’ll provide you with:

  1. Single point of contact responsive to your needs
  2. Clear understanding of our progress and status
  3. Energy audit reports showing you the metrics that matter
  4. Customized service and maintenance program designed to fit your needs