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Information Management Service Sheet Information Management Service Sheet (1167 KB)
Information Management Service Sheet

Information Management

Information management entails organizing, retrieving, acquiring and maintaining information, both electronic and physical. In the context of its service offerings, McCaine primarily focuses on assisting customers with the development and construction of the technical infrastructure required to securely acquire, deliver and manage electronic information.

McCaine’s Information Management Services

Managing Electronic Building Information to Enhance Asset Performance

Although electronic building management systems are capable of automatically generating significant volumes of potentially useful data about the performance of the facility, the value of this intelligence is greatly diminished if it is not effectively integrated and managed, meaning that building owners are not able to maximize the value of the asset.

Most buildings will employ systems from a number of vendors to handle functions such as security, access, lighting, HVAC, air quality, elevators and power. Building operators are often overwhelmed by the volume of data these systems produce and until now has not been practical to effectively capture and integrate the data gathered by these disparate systems to gain an overall picture of building status.

Now McCaine has developed the technology to manage this data and turn it into valuable information using existing IP infrastructure.  As well as managing energy demand and enabling optimal building performance, this information can be used to generate financial and environmental metrics and quantify the effects of system upgrades and changes to control settings.

Caring for the Building Occupant

By automatically recognizing and recreating individual preferences, occupant comfort level can be increased while consumption is managed.  This can deliver both productivity gains for occupants as well as cost savings for building operators. A further benefit is the opportunity to rapidly and accurately diagnose system malfunctions for faster response and improve predictive maintenance capability with consequential cost savings.

This unique integrated information management approach to building operations means more comfort and choice for occupants, individualized tenant billing for services, reduced costs of maintenance for operators with greater flexibility of use and enhanced rental value for building owners.

Implementation Approach

By centrally managing a building’s networking systems and information services, the information technology (IT) coordinator responsible for Information Management can achieve savings and efficiencies that increase the value of the information delivered. By delivering the reporting services that business decision makers and information managers need, McCaine helps you turn data into answers.

McCaine draws upon its expertise in building and configuring Green Data Centres and network infrastructures to establish an in-building infrastructure suitable for storing and managing information. McCaine’s expertise in Building System Integration and Security systems contributes to Information Management. By integrating building systems, the same network and structured cabling can be used to extend the capabilities and resources available to the Information Manager.

System Value

The common-sense convergence of a variety of these building systems onto a common infrastructure helps reduce your capital and operational costs, while increasing the availability of the highest-value information in your organization—information that:

  1. increases the security of the building’s occupants
  2. helps manage the costs of maintaining the facility itself
  3. drives your organization’s key business processes

The key benefit of this converged infrastructure is the availability of reports that demonstrate the value and effectiveness of the Information Management solutions. You’ll be able to show, in detail, real-time performance characteristics across multiple systems. Automated Trouble Ticket Services, emailed System Alerts, and the ability to manage the system and reporting functions securely and remotely, make your information and the systems that drive it easier to manage than ever before.