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Lifecycle Services Sheet Lifecycle Services Sheet (1543 KB)
Lifecycle Services Sheet

Lifecycle Services

A typical building is constructed in less than two years but is in use for 40-90+ years thereafter. In order to keep the building performing at the highest levels of efficiency, it is necessary to maintain it through its lifecycle.

McCaine’s Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services provide a systematic approach to optimizing the value of your building over time. This is accomplished by regularly scheduling service activities that will increase and maintain the value of the building. Our service engineers can help you develop a plan that minimizes the risk and inconvenience of costly unplanned service work.
Lifecycle Services typically involve safety compliance, environmental stewardship, energy management, cost management, and revenue creation over the life of a facility.    

Implementation Approach

  • McCaine Assist
  • The McCaine Assist program provides transition planning and orientation for new building owners.  This can include training for new building operators, assistance in developing building standards and procedures for maintaining the electrical and communication systems in top working order, and additional services, including:
  • Riser Management
  • Base Building System Connection Services
  • Building Audit and Evaluation Services
  • Commissioning and Benchmarking
  • Inventory Management
  • Extended Warranty
  • Staffing Services

McCaine Guard

  • McCaine’s service technicians are there for you for as long as you own or operate the building. We offer a full suite of organized service and maintenance programs oriented to your needs and resources. These typically include existing traditional services such as alarm testing and electrical system maintenance services, but we can also provide preventative and predictive service offerings as part of an integrated and ongoing program we call McCaine Guard, which includes the following service categories:

Lighting Control Technologies

  • Critical Power Management
  • Telecommunications Systems Design and Management
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Fire Alarm and Emergency Life Safety programs
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Cost and Revenue Planning
  • Staffing services

McCaine Scout

  • The McCaine Scout program provides financial analysis and forecasting for systems and equipment. Our predictive planning processes are designed uniquely for each building to assist maintenance personnel in determining budgets and evaluating resources to keep buildings tuned and operating efficiently without interruption. McCaine Scout provides multi-year evaluation and financial forecasting to prevent oversights in upgrading, replacement, repair, or inventory related to building electrical systems. 

If the time comes that you are ready to sell the building, McCaine can ease the transition. We maintain the historical energy usage data and maintenance records you’ll need to effectively demonstrate value to potential purchasers and to provide Life Cycle Services to the new owners. In short, McCaine helps building owners support their investments throughout the entire building life cycle.

System Value

McCaine’s goal is to assist owners and managers with their decisions related to improving return on investment, improving tenant and employee attraction and retention, protecting their environmental reputation, and enhancing security and safety in their workplaces.  

  • McCaine helps building owners maintain their investments throughout the entire building life cycle
  • McCaine’s service technicians are there for you for as long as you own or operate the building
  • McCaine maintains all the historical energy usage and maintenance records you’ll need to effectively show value to management or potential purchasers