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Green Data Centres Service Sheet Green Data Centres Service Sheet (1097 KB)
Green Data Centres Service Sheet

Green Data Centres

Data Centres are critical to any modern business and almost every company has them. But what is a Data Centre? Simply put, it is a space that houses very specialized electronic hardware. The space itself is equally specialized, with sophisticated electrical, mechanical, and monitoring systems. The ultimate goal, is to have zero failures, and zero down time.

McCaine’s Green Data Centre Services

McCaine provides energy-efficient sustainable solutions to serve Canada’s largest companies. With extensive experience in high-performance infrastructures (including the latest fibre optic–based solutions), integration and automation technologies, risk management and security solutions, McCaine is committed to providing a quality solution.
Green Data Centre Services include:

  1. Security
  • Security and Risk Management systems ensure that the facilities remain secure, mitigating threats
  • A state-of-the-art access management system provides complete control over the perimeter of the facility
  • Cameras and monitoring systems provide strategic continuous viewing into the space
  1. Environment
  • The data centre is completely physically isolated from the exterior space. Air conditioning units control the space in all seasons. The environmentals are kept  within design parameters
  1. Electrical Power
  • Robust backup systems ensure that power for the data centre is available at all times 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year
  • All power is monitored and measured in all strategic locations throughout the electrical distribution system to ensure all systems are within predefined tolerances
  • All cabinet power is monitored to ensure that all circuits are within predefined tolerances
  1. Communication
  • The communications capability and capacity is designed to provide future growth and flexibility
  1. Documentation
  • Documentation covers electrical, mechanical, and hardware (physical location) specifications and all communications  cabling
  • Documentation is maintained and kept current throughout the life cycle of the facility
  1. Monitoring
  • All key areas are monitored, security, environmental, electrical and mechanical 7/24/365

Implementation Approach

  • Together with the client, we discuss and understand the concept.
  • We plan around this concept then proceed to design.
  • Upon completion and acceptance of the design we deploy, ensuring the design is strictly adhered to.
  • The final step is to commission the work performed.

System Value

  1. We maximize uptime for your facility through careful pre-planning. In the vast majority of upgrade scenarios, McCaine strives for no downtime at all.
  2. We reduce your time spent managing the data centre by proactive monitoring.
  3. We minimize client business risk by following repeatable best practices including extensive pre-planning, pre-fabrication, logistics, vendor management, and project control and methodologies
  4. We include an extensive maintenance program to proactively and methodically check all aspects of the physical infrastructure.