McCaine is at the Centre of Building Performance

McCaine will be key to a future where buildings are intelligently connected and environmentally proud. A culture of building performance lies at the centre of the McCaine service commitment.
McCaine is committed to enhancing the asset value and environmental performance of our client’s projects.

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Careers at McCaine

Apprentice and Journeymen Electricians

With a competitive salary, full benefits package, and an exciting growth environment, McCaine is a progressive, growing Canadian electrical/data/communicati.. Read More >

Feature Project

University Of Winnipeg
Richardson College

A model of green building technology, constructed to a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Standard, is one of the most energy efficient educational laboratory buildings in North America. It uses approximately half the energy of a conventional building.
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90 Years and Counting

McCaine is a company founded on integrity and value creation. It has established itself as an industry leader through innovative service delivery.
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